Analytics Solutions for Government and Education

Public sector organizations have tremendous amounts of siloed data. By combining all your data and making it easy for everyone to explore, Qlik delivers the valuable insights you need to efficiently improve services and deliver on your mission.

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Explore Public Sector Analytics

Deliver federal government agency services more effectively, transparently, and efficiently

Explore agency data to uncover opportunities for improving operations and reducing costs. Whether ensuring national security or monitoring food safety, connect data to surface new insights that will improve your agency’s ability to meet its mission.
  • Improve public health, cost efficiency

    Qlik enables deep exploration into the causes behind variations in patient outcomes. Merging these insights with analysis of healthcare service delivery options and their associated costs, the State improves patient satisfaction and stays within budget.
  • Rapidly create scenarios and predict outcomes

    Learn how scenario planning helps first-responder and military agencies prepare for the previously-unexpected. Qlik’s machine learning capabilities enable agencies to formulate multiple scenarios and evaluate potential responses based on probable outcomes and success rates.

Qlik Cloud® Government

A cloud platform for data and analytics built specifically for the U.S. Public Sector. Ensuring security and compliance, Qlik Cloud Government is authorized at the FedRAMP Moderate Impact Level (IL) and Department of Defense (DOD) IL2.

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Qlik Leadership on Enabling a Data-driven Culture

Improve state and local government services and save budget

Improve citizen services and gain the transparency needed to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. Our data analytics platform lets you explore and analyze all your activities, from emergency response conditions to procurement, surfacing opportunities for service improvements and cost savings.

Predict crime, prepare the force

Consolidate a wealth of historical and real-time incident data feeds to optimize staff levels, resources, and deployment locations. The City of Cardiff blends keyed-data feeds with Qlik GeoAnalytics® to visualize thousands of crime-related data points on a city map.

  • Track the meaning behind expenditures

    Use data visualization to transform complex data into easy-to-understand graphics. The Texas Comptroller’s Office uses Qlik to provide transparency into which State agencies spent how much, who spent the money, and for what purpose.
  • Make better government decisions with analytics

    Market research firm Ovum discusses the importance of integrating multiple data sources to gain the knowledge needed to improve citizen services. Additional findings underscore the value of using visualization to yield insights for the non-technical staff experts who most often drive service changes and improvements.
  • Optimize emergency care by combining historic and real-time knowledge

    The City of Ottawa is reimagining emergency response and patient care through combined historic and real-time dashboard views — into paramedic, dispatch, and hospital data — to know how and where to treat each patient. They rely on Qlik to aggregate and analyze the data, resulting in faster response times and improved patient outcomes.

Raise student success rates across all levels of education

Elevate student performance by knowing which areas to improve and how to improve them. Use Qlik’s associative capabilities to analyze student achievement levels in context with numerous factors ─ teacher qualifications, curriculum effectiveness, program budgets, and more. The results are tightened achievement gaps and higher student performance.
  • Give education policy-makers all the relevant data needed to explore issues thoroughly

    New Zealand’s Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) wanted to transform student success from course completion to upwardly mobile employment within ‘New Zealand Inc.’ Unsure how to do it, TEC tapped numerous data sources of secondary and tertiary students and presented the information to education decision-makers who explored the issue more deeply to find the right path forward.
  • Present school progress status to all stakeholders in a timely manner

    Qlik visualizations reveal the relative and real-time status of all 330 schools in the Philadelphia district. Using Qlik’s embedded analytics, the district’s public website shares data that tracks school KPIs and specifies the District’s real-time plan for each school.
  • Optimize student success rates using predictive analytics

    Qlik delivers insights for early intervention — based on current and historical demographic data — to better position each student for long-term success.

Data-driven strategies in government require widespread data literacy

Data and IT modernization are transforming the performance of government agencies. If you want your agency to modernize, you must give your non-technical users the tools they need to easily explore data and surface valuable insights to optimize agency performance.
  • A successful government-wide data strategy requires people at all levels to understand and use data effectively

    Many federal agencies have strategies for data and IT modernization. True transformation will occur when non-technical staff, subject matter experts, and high-level decision makers can explore data and make discoveries that drive consistent performance improvements.
  • Government leaders must embrace their own data exploration

    Because the Federal Government collects vast amounts of information, agency leaders with strong data literacy skills will thrive and make their agencies highly effective. Agencies will need to develop data-literate leaders and information-sharing processes in order to meet their missions.

Government agency and higher education customers are making better-informed decisions with new data insights

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