Application and API Integration

Streamline DevOps and lower operational costs.

Application Development and API Integration - Qlik Talend

Deliver reliable, trusted data to people and systems within a governed and secure infrastructure

Accelerate API and application development

Easy to use, enterprise-proven tools.

Simplify even the most complex integrations

Spend your time on new projects instead of maintenance.

A unified approach

Expand to governance, quality, and data integration within a more productive, single, integrated platform.

Accelerate API and application development

Quickly establish an operational infrastructure with easy-to-use tools from which you can manage your entire development lifecycle. Promote a quality-first mandate by implementing industry-leading solutions for data standardization and cleansing. Deliver your APIs seamlessly with native support for powerful CI/CD deployment and publishing containerized microservices in just a few clicks. Shave off days and weeks of development time, so you get results faster.

Accelerate API and Application Development - Qlik Talend

Simplify even the most complex integrations

The Qlik | Talend collaborative API design tool makes it easy for multiple people to work on the same project by streamlining and simplifying your workflow. We streamline complex JSON, AVRO, XML, and B2B integrations using advanced data mapping transformation tools and industry standards such as HL7 and EDI. Our built-in data quality services allow you to design microservices that embed enterprise data quality components to validate, clean, standardize, and mask data in any format or size.

Simplify Even the Most Complex Integrations | Qlik Talend collaborative API design tool

A unified approach

Qlik | Talend gives you everything you need to meet the real-time demands across your business, with a comprehensive set of APIs and an event-driven architecture. It is a flexible approach that enables you to run any integration style, including scalable modular API, data-as-a-service, pub/sub and point-to-point messaging, and ESB. This single, unified platform for API development, application, and data integration, and data quality increases team productivity and delivers solutions to market faster.

A Unified Approach | API Integration - Qlik Talend

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