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Thrive in the era of value-based care. There are tremendous pressures to balance better patient outcomes with a healthier bottom line. By combining all your data and making it easy to explore, Qlik delivers the valuable insights you need to navigate that complex balance and make smarter decisions more quickly.

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Qlik Cloud for US Healthcare and HIPAA

US Healthcare organizations can now take full advantage of Qlik Cloud to enhance patient outcomes, improve service delivery, and close the gaps between data, insights, and action. Qlik Cloud delivers enterprise data integration with world-class analytics into a single platform with tools and features to support US Healthcare customers with their HIPAA compliance requirements. Customers can execute Qlik’s Business Associate Agreement, which permits personal health information to be used within Qlik Cloud.
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    Learn how Qlik Cloud helps US Healthcare organizations unlock value and innovation in the cloud.
  • Using data for better outcomes

    Discover how Qlik Cloud drives value across the entire, end-to-end data lifecycle from integration and rich data pipelines to predictive analytics, AI and data-driven actions.

Improve patient outcomes with better clinical intelligence

Qlik combines internal and external data in one place to give you a comprehensive view of your patients or a specific population so you can target people most at-risk for health problems. And it’s all right there in your regular workflow. Track results of your programs and see what is (and isn’t) happening in your operations areas: the emergency department, operating rooms, radiology or lab departments.
  • View key data within your EHR workflows

    Embedded analytics brings entire health profiles and community data in one easy-to-understand view right in your medical records system. Zoom into the details to understand the whole patient story.
  • Streamline processes and reduce variation

    Use data to standardize clinical resources and processes, improve quality, and reduce costs. See how one US health system used data to reduce pneumonia readmissions by 21%.
  • Answer new questions

    Qlik’s easy-to-use analytics platform lets clinicians explore data from their regular workflow and make connections that improve patient outcomes.

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Embed analytics directly into your EHR workflow

Your EHR is where you live and breathe. With Qlik, you can work with your data directly within your Cerner or Epic workflows to make smart, data-driven decisions about patient care and community populations more quickly. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC integrated Qlik within Cerner and was able to cut inefficiencies and standardize care processes. Find out how their team was able to provide near real-time updates across millions of rows of data.

Balancing the financial side of value-based care

Improving patient outcomes while minimizing costs is a complex equation. Qlik helps healthcare systems uncover new ways to reduce costs and optimize payments, while delivering better patient outcomes. Combine your financial and clinical data to ensure you’re not over-servicing and under-delivering care, learn new ways to speed reimbursements, and cut down on claim rejections.
  • Use data to manage populations

    Make data-driven decisions and calibrate your efforts to ensure high quality, low-cost care for your patient population.
  • Uncover valuable insights that help close care gaps

    Combine data sources and build risk models that help physicians and care coordinators discover underdiagnosed and undiagnosed patients.
  • Visualize population health

    Use social determinants and geospatial data to identify at-risk patients, prevent problems, and improve health outcomes.

Smarter management. Smoother operations.

No one in healthcare can afford to have bottlenecks and backlogs. Qlik allows you to make connections in your data that help you cut waste, streamline processes, and improve the delivery of care. Get a better understanding of the patient journey, how that intersects with various operational functions and what the clinical and financial effects are.
  • Streamline patient pathways

    Analyze massive amounts of data from any source, visualize care, and streamline the patient flow while using fewer resources. See how one healthcare system does it.
  • Eliminate operational inefficiencies

    Empower your entire staff with data so they can find ways to reduce inefficiencies and return money to the bottom line in areas like emergency medicine, operating rooms, radiology and laboratory.

Over 2500 healthcare customers use Qlik to improve patient outcomes, reduce cost and optimize processes.

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