Databricks & Qlik

Accelerate insights with real-time, automated data pipelines

Architecture diagram illustrating how Qlik data integration products can quickly bring data into Databricks.

The pace of business has changed. To keep up, you need to respond faster. Qlik Data Integration accelerates your AI, machine learning and data science initiatives by automating the entire data pipeline for Databricks Unified Analytics Platform – from real-time data ingestion to the creation and streaming of trusted analytics-ready data. Deliver actionable, data-driven insights now.

Data Lake or Lakehouse?

See how Qlik and Databricks can help you architect for next gen with our unified solution.

Illustration showing how Qlik brings data from a variety of sources to Databricks.

Ingest data from multiple sources in real-time

Qlik’s market-leading change data capture (CDC) capabilities enable you to ingest massive volumes of transactional data from virtually any source—databases, data warehouses, legacy mainframe systems, enterprise apps like SAP, and more—directly into the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. Now you can power your AI, machine learning, data science and data analytics initiatives with always up-to-date data.

  • Connectivity to the widest set of enterprise data sources
  • Continuous data ingestion directly into Delta Lake on Databricks
  • Enterprise-wide monitoring and control
Architecture diagram illustrating how Qlik data integration products can work with Databricks to transform raw data into analyitcs-ready information.

Automate data pipelines to deliver analytics-ready data

Drive agility across your organization with fully automated data pipelines, all the way from real-time data ingestion, to transformation, and creation of analytics-ready data. And reduce data integrity and quality issues by minimizing complex, code-intensive ETL modeling and scripting processes.

  • Fully automated data pipelines
  • Auto-generated Spark transformations – without any coding
  • Purpose-built data sets to meet evolving needs
A dashboard screenshot of Qlik Sense’s enterprise-scale data catalog

Make trusted data easily accessible with a smart, integrated data catalog

Catalog, manage and deliver trusted, secure data to your data scientists and other data consumers. Give your teams visibility to all your data – not just in Delta Lake – but across all enterprise sources. Ensure data consumers can easily find, understand, and self-provision data for use in Qlik Sense, or another analytics application of their choice.

  • Powerful search, preview, and selection capabilities for all data, in Databricks and other enterprise sources
  • Modern online shopping experience to self-provision and action on data
  • Data access controls and obfuscation capabilities as well as integrations with a range of security and governance products for enterprise-grade data protection

Databricks customers using Qlik Solutions enjoy these benefits:

  • Faster time to value

    Boost your data lake or lakehouse ROI by pumping analytics-ready data in real time into your data science, AI and machine learning platforms.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity

    Automate labor-intensive tasks in your data pipeline to free-up your data engineers while making data easier to discover and use for your data consumers.
  • Reduce risk

    Deliver trusted data with end-to-end lineage, ACID compliance, and code-free refinement. Ensure enterprise-grade security and governance for all data.
  • Increase flexibility and agility

    Deploy in any cloud configuration. Integrate with ever-growing types of data sources, targets, and platforms, and consume data in analytics tools of your choice.

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