Marketing Data Analytics

Bring all your data together and optimize your funnel based on revenue.

Data-driven strategic planning

See how using Qlik data analytics can help you make smarter, data-driven decisions on your go-to-market strategy by connecting your marketing efforts to revenue.
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    Gain deeper insights

    Conduct deep strategic analysis and gain actionable insights into your market, customers and channels by understanding what’s happening at every phase of your customer’s journey.
  • Prioritize markets

    Analyze marketing data to see where you’re getting traction and prioritize markets and territories for both marketing and sales efforts.
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    Optimize investment & mix decisions

    Leverage closed-loop analytics and multi-touch attribution to optimize budget and resource investments in channels.
  • Accurately forecast and track KPIs

    Track performance to goals for KPIs to inform creating forecasts. Reduce reporting time by automating dashboards to refresh automatically.

Four key elements of modern marketing analytics

As a marketer today, you’re surrounded by large and complex datasets from many different and unconnected sources—ad platforms, CRM, marketing automation, web analytics, IoT/product, even real time sources. So unless you spend hours preparing data in custom spreadsheets, you can’t tie this information together to see how your efforts impact revenue and optimize across the full customer lifecycle.

Modern analytics from Qlik automates and accelerates data integration and prep, empowering your teams to focus their time exploring trusted, governed data using advanced self-service marketing analytics to uncover hidden insights.

  • Closed loop

    Break down data silos and analyze an integrated data set that lets you measure and optimize across the entire funnel based on true ROI.
  • One source of truth

    Get a reliable, single source of governed data you can trust and stop wondering which KPI from which tool is correct.
  • AI-powered insights

    Let AI guide you by automatically surfacing insights and relationships in your data and providing recommendations of angles for you to explore.
  • True self-service

    Enable any user to access, visualize and analyze their data, design dashboards and run reports. Plus, use conversational analytics to ask any questions in natural language and have answers presented in an easy-to-understand conversational manner.

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Campaign planning and optimization

Refine your campaigns with analytics that close the loop between campaign tactics and revenue.
  • Optimize campaign-level marketing mix

    See how each channel of an integrated campaign contributes to success via multi-touch attribution. For example, know the value of traffic from activities like SEO and social that target buyers early in the funnel.
  • Improve campaign performance

    Increase conversion rates across the board by testing and refining tactics such as ad creative, messaging and pricing based on how they impact sales, not just front-end metrics like impressions or click-through rates.
  • Simplify the complex buyer journey

    Use behavioral data to identify where prospects and existing customers are in their buyer's journey with you. Then leverage this knowledge to engage and nurture them with the most effective messages and offers.
  • Take timely action

    Optimize every moment by analyzing real-time data and proactively monitor your business with data-driven alerts. For example, know the minute a conversion rate drops, when leads are getting stuck, or when shopping cart abandonment spikes.

B2B marketers align with sales to find and convert more prospects into leads and sales

Drive more leads and improve pipeline velocity by deeply understanding your leads and account lifecycles, even after they pass from marketing to sales.
  • Better align with sales

    Identify which accounts to prioritize, better target your outreach and then track and optimize engagement per account across all channels.
  • Optimize operations

    Know where prospects are getting stuck in your funnel and manage lead follow up and hand offs with sales.
  • Demonstrate marketing’s impact

    Track how marketing impacts pipeline creation and revenue with accurate campaign attribution.

B2C marketers understand and meet your customers’ needs

Drive brand recognition and sales – both online and in store – by deeply understanding consumers’ needs, expectations and behavior in each stage of their lifecycle. Then uncover innovative ways to engage customers and meet their needs every step of the way.
  • Increase conversion

    Analyze customer behavior to uncover intent at each phase of their relationship with you: from awareness, to consideration, decision, retention and advocacy. Test and refine messaging, offers and user flow to make them more targeted, even personalized.
  • Maximize return on ad spend

    Focus on the channels, campaigns and ads that are working by bringing together and analyzing all marketing data in one place. An integrated view of web, social, direct mail, print, email and search channels helps you know what’s working, and what’s not.
  • Optimize in real-time

    Take immediate action to fix problems like low inventory or high cart abandonment, or take action to quickly ramp up successful pricing or messaging tests. Qlik’s active intelligence allows for real-time analysis and interactive visualizations.
  • Better cross-sell and upsell

    Refine how you target your customer base by using the power of AI and predictive analytics to better understand customer interests and then reach out to those customers most likely to convert on a particular offer.

Qlik Sense is the modern platform for marketing analytics

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