Data Quality and Governance

Build trust and drive usage of your data and analytics

Data Quality and Governance - Qlik Talend

Discover, remediate, and share trusted data with simple self-service tools to automate data processes, empower your team, and help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Unlock trusted data for your teams

Easily discover, manage, enhance, and regulate your data.

  • Unified Approach to Data Quality and Governance

    Unified approach to data quality and governance

    Streamline data refinement into clean, compliant, and accessible assets.
  • Boost Analytics Usage and Get Deeper Insights

    Boost analytics usage and get deeper insights

    Empower users with on-demand access to trusted, analytics-ready data.
  • Quantify and Measure Trust

    Quantify and measure trust

    Build confidence in the reliability and accuracy of your data.

A unified approach to data quality and governance

A unified approach to data quality and governance is essential for modernizing your cloud data infrastructure, ensuring regulatory compliance, or developing your internal data marketplace. Qlik | Talend automated data profiling, coupled with pervasive data quality rules and user-friendly tools, democratizes data quality and governance throughout the organization, while harnessing the expertise of data stewards to ensure excellence.

A Unified Approach to Data Quality and Governance - Qlik Talend

Boost analytics usage and generate deeper insights

Energize your data management strategy with a metadata-powered catalog that evolves continuously. It helps you eliminate data silos, enforce more consistency, and foster more collaboration. With powerful search and filtering capabilities, you can easily discover, preview, and select the content you need across all your datasets, apps, notes, business glossary terms, and other content. Column-level lineage offers detailed data journey insights that help you fully understand the data flowing through your analytics data pipelines – from source to use – so you can confidently broaden access and usage of your analytics.

Boost Analytics Usage and Generate Deeper Insights - Qlik Talend 

Continuously quantify and measure data quality

Achieving and maintaining high-quality data requires continuous monitoring, profiling, and improvement. The Talend Trust Score™ enables continuous quality measurement across your datasets and accelerates data quality rule computation using SQL pushdown in Snowflake and other cloud data warehouses — all while safeguarding data privacy. Say goodbye to data quality doubts.

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Continuously Quantify and Measure Data Quality - Qlik Talend

Learn more about data quality and governance

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Count on complete, flexible, and trusted data management.

Talend Data Catalog

Index and track your data in and out of the cloud, including detailed histories of any dataset.

Talend Data Stewardship

Check the reliability of any dataset at a glance, over time, or at any point in time to improve data trust.

Talend Data Quality

Ensure data trust and excellence throughout the data lifecycle and assess data quality with the Talend Trust Score.

Talend Data Inventory

Unify all your data with simple tools to collect, transform, and map data.

Put your data to the test

Our Trust Assessor gives you an instant report on the reliability of your data, along with helpful tips for making it even better.