Big Data

What is big data and how can you turn it into business value?

Big data is becoming everyday data

The term big data refers to massive, complex and high velocity datasets. Turning raw data from a variety of sources into actionable insights requires an end-to-end solution that includes both a data integration platform and a modern data analytics platform.

Big data integration: Go from raw to analytics-ready, faster

Better leverage your existing big data investments and improve your ROI with an end-to-end solution that leverages highly efficient and automated data pipelines to provide real-time, analytics-ready and governed data to your business users. Whether data is within a data lake or legacy application, Qlik lets you access and manage all your data, big and small, within a single environment.

Modern analytics platform: 3 key capabilities for big data

  • Intelligent big data pipelines

    Whether it’s Hadoop, NoSQL, Databricks, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery or via an ever-growing ecosystem of new technologies, Qlik can automatically move, consolidate and transform big data from multiple data sources while maintaining lineage.
  • A smarter analytics experience

    Augmented analytics — the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enhance analytics across the data lifecycle — makes big data accessible to more people by providing insight suggestions, automation, and natural language interaction.
  • Collaborate and re-use data

    Big data tools should provide a governed enterprise data catalog, and analytics libraries that enable a centralized “build once, deploy anywhere” environment. This maximizes user collaboration and the reuse of data and applications while IT maintains control.

Five Principles for Effectively Managing Your Data Lake Pipeline

Multiply big data value with access for everyone

Not long ago, the expertise required to access and analyze big data was limited to data scientists and technical analysts. But organizations now have the opportunity to place big data analytics in the hands of the people working closest to its operations.

Qlik’s modern BI platform lets your entire workforce explore massive volumes of data to quickly validate their ideas and discover new ways of driving business performance. Your teams know the questions to ask and understand which insights will have the most impact. Now they can leverage big data to inform virtually any business need — from market basket analysis and customer segmentation to operational analytics and beyond.

Screenshot of a Qlik Sense dashboard demonstrating how Qlik’s associative data engine lets users explore all data freely, on the fly, and from any angle.

See every relationship across your data — big and small

Traditional data analysis models limit what data you can see and query, and how data is interconnected. Qlik’s Associative Engine identifies every relationship across all your data sources, putting big data in the context of your entire business. Every user — not just data scientists — can dive in to explore these connections with simple interactive visual dashboards and natural language search to look deeply into your business, and use their discoveries to make better, more confident decisions. No queries and no waiting required.

Qlik puts all your data, from any source and location, into an easy-to-use, governed enterprise catalog. Users can “shop” for the right data without compromising security policies.

Big Data Analytics Guide: 10 Ways to Drive Big Value

An agile, governed big data analytics environment built to scale

With unmatched self-service and governance capabilities, Qlik helps IT teams finally give users the insights they need, without hassles or limitations. This fosters a culture of data exploration and literacy, where people are encouraged to experiment with ideas and validate them through data analysis.

  • Fine-grained controls let the right people access the right data and apps
  • Open APIs that make introducing new capabilities simple
  • Large partner ecosystem to support your big data investments
  • Linear, predictable scalability ensures high performance under any load

Explore how the Qlik platform can help big data

  • Universal data replication and ingestion

    Qlik Replicate empowers organizations to accelerate data replication, data ingestion and real-time data streaming across all major databases, data warehouses and big data platforms.
  • Agile data lake and data warehouse automation

    Qlik Compose simplifies all aspects of data lake and data warehouse design, development, data loading, deployment and updates by automating the most manual, mundane and repetitive tasks.
  • Governed enterprise data catalog

    Accelerate all phases of big data management – from data onboarding through delivery – while giving business users on-demand access to trusted, governed data in a single, self-service platform.
  • Modern big data analytics

    Our industry-leading data analytics solution enables the full spectrum of big data analytics use cases on a modern multi-cloud platform, delivering flexibility, governance and scalability for your organization.

Get ready to transform your entire business with data.