Retail Analytics

Get your data out of silos. Qlik combines all your data, generates valuable insights, and helps you transform your retail operation to be faster, smarter, and more customer-centric.

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Explore Retail Analytics

Digitally empowered consumers have changed the face of retail forever

Connected and more informed than ever, today’s consumer uses digital devices to research, get input from friends, and compare prices to buy anywhere, anytime. If you don’t give them what they want at the price they’ll pay, you’ve lost them. With Qlik’s data analytics platform, seamlessly combine all your shopping data across channels to gain a complete view of customer buying habits and preferences.

Drive digital shopper engagement and sales

Analyze sales data from e-commerce and other digital touchpoints to understand how to more effectively engage buyers. Discover new ways to reduce abandoned shopping carts, improve conversions, and boost marketing campaign lift.

Understand omni-channel shopping patterns

Qlik breaks down retail data silos and helps you connect the dots between sales, returns, and customer data across all channels – retail store, e-commerce, call center, app, and catalogue – so you can improve customer intelligence and marketing impact.

Identify profitable product combinations

Deeply understanding customer buying patterns has been vital for Planet Hollywood to stay relevant and profitable. Learn how they use Qlik to analyze daily transaction data to identify trends and help operators make smarter decisions.

Explore top retail analytics resources

Immediate shipping and free returns are the new normal for customers (and your supply chain)

Omni-channel retail and soaring consumer expectations demand rapid product delivery and flexible returns. Line of sight from order to fulfillment can help you meet those demands while keeping shipping and return costs down. Qlik helps you quickly connect the dots across your supply chain, combining internal and partner data to provide unprecedented visibility.

Help employees make smarter, data-driven decisions

The Genuine Parts Company replaced their legacy enterprise BI system with the Qlik Analytics Platform. Find out how they empower business users with self service BI for sales, finance, and supply chain to identify trends and make better business decisions.

Retail stores are no longer a place just to buy products

The role of the retail store is changing. While still the primary sales channel, stores are transforming into customer engagement centers and critical supply chain hubs. As retail becomes faster and more connected, Qlik puts powerful, easy-to-understand data analytics into the hands of store employees so they can make smarter, on-the-go decisions right at the shelf, with the customer, or in the back office.

Maximize margins and reduce waste

How do you move unsold product fast without squeezing profits too much? Learn how Qlik can help minimize margin erosion across retail store formats, product categories, and store location while providing valuable insights to help optimize operations.

Surface actionable store-level metrics at scale

How do you leverage massive amounts of data from disparate sources and empower retail employees to monitor key metrics like freshness and sales trends? Akindo Sushiro fits one billion plates of sushi with RFID tags in its 430 stores each year to find insights with Qlik.

Deliver exceptional and profitable customer experiences

Retailers are often rich with data but lack the tools to pull it all together and quickly operationalize it. Harris Farms analyzes customer behavior and product performance in real time to improve profitability while offering shoppers the freshest produce at all times.


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