Telecom and Media Analytics

Data-driven success in the always-on communications and media market.

Telecom and media companies collect terabytes of real-time data. Qlik’s end-to-end data integration and analytics solution can transform that ocean of raw data into actionable insights that help you meet consumer expectations and rise above the competition.

Qlik allows you to combine data from a wide variety of sources and freely explore and analyze that data in real-time to make smarter, data-driven decisions such as:

  • Understanding and responding to viewer and subscriber demand
  • Optimizing customer acquisition and retention programs
  • Running your operating network at full capacity
  • Prioritizing new market opportunities.

Condé Nast uses data to evolve from print to a digital media empire

Interacting with data, creating strong visualizations, and exploring insights into customer trends and opportunities has helped Condé Nast make intelligent, data-driven business decisions.

“Using data and personalization, we’ve extended our print brand to digital, and it’s attracted over 100 million users.”

-Karthic Bala, Chief Data Officer, Condé Nast

  • BT Group moves faster and smarter

    Thanks to Qlik’s self-service analytics, even novice users at BT’s Consumer Division have become confident data explorers, interacting with all customer data in one place and in just a few clicks.
  • Charter saves time and money

    Charter Communications leveraged Qlik to rapidly onboard and standardize 200Tb of data from more than 60 sources. Compared to conventional tools, this saved Charter 85% in costs and 200% in time.
  • SISTIC predicts customer behavior

    SISTIC, the Singapore-based ticketing service and solution provider, uses Qlik to combine transaction data and pre-transaction data to understand and predict customer buying patterns, optimize pricing to demand and better cross-sell offers.

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