Sales Analytics

In this hypercompetitive era, sales teams need more than data - they need real insight. Our best-in-class sales analytics enable organizations to more effectively drive productivity, grow revenue, and reduce risk.

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Explore Sales Analytics

Plan confidently with data-driven forecasting and pipeline management

The way you use data to make planning decisions can be a major factor when sales targets are missed. In fact, two of the leading causes of forecast inaccuracies and missed targets are insufficient pipeline data and the limited analytical capabilities CRM platforms offer. Qlik helps sales and RevOps teams analyze all current and historical data to identify relevant trends and behavior patterns, building more accuracy into quota analysis, benchmarks, and forecasting.
  • Forecast more accurately with a clear view of the entire sales cycle

    To better predict sales forecasts and manage the pipeline, sales teams need visibility into the full sales process — from lead to close. By leveraging trending data analysis that combines sales, marketing and finance data, you gain the context to confidently plan the future.
  • Meet and exceed sales goals with better performance analysis

    Experience how Qlik enables easy access into sales, quota, and pipeline data to provide powerful sales team performance analysis. Discover insights across sales stages, target markets, competition, and more to better manage and realize sales goals.
  • Uncover hidden insights by bringing all your sales data together

    Easily combine relevant sales data from across your sales process to deliver a unified view. With Qlik, your sales team can explore data more deeply, discovering sales insights previously hidden in data silos to gain a powerful competitive edge.

Transform your Salesforce data into actionable sales insights

Qlik for Salesforce offers unprecedented visibility into all your CRM data and lets you combine it with data from other business systems to to deliver powerful analytics capabilities right within Salesforce. Within hours, sales teams can start analyzing account, contact, opportunity, and other relevant data across any dimension, quickly uncovering previously hidden sales trends and actionable insights in real-time.

  • Provide powerful interactive analytics, reports and dashboards embedded on Salesforce tabs or within Qlik apps
  • Give reps a 360 degree view of customers by combining relevant data sources
  • Fully control the data and analytics each person can access

Drive sales performance with analytics insights that go way beyond your CRM’s capabilities

Truly effective sales analytics require far more than the simple reports and often limited historical data CRM can provide. Qlik enables sales to fully explore and analyze CRM data. Easily combine it with other sales, marketing, and finance data to discover the channels, sales reps, customers, products, and services that perform — and those that don’t. Forecast more accurately, drive more orders, and close bigger deals.
  • Capture more sales with data-driven insights your CRM can’t provide

    Qlik’s sales analytics solutions enable sales teams to uncover key prospect and customer insights that CRM’s struggle to deliver, resulting in higher levels of sales performance.
  • Analyze CRM data in powerful new ways with a world-class analytics experience

    CRM reports often can’t answer your questions or present data in the context you need. Qlik’s dynamic analytics experience lets you explore CRM data in any direction across any dimension at lightning speed to answer more questions and discover unexpected insights.
  • Make better decisions by combining CRM and other relevant data sources

    If you depend on a CRM for sales analytics, you can miss the big picture and let opportunities slip with just a partial view of data. See how to combine all relevant data sources and equip your team with far more effective analytics, helping everyone make smarter decisions.

Accelerate your success with more effective product performance analysis

Maximizing the revenue opportunities your products offer is key to building a more efficient and profitable business. Build smarter strategies to capture cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and make more informed, proactive decisions about critical product end-of-life, seasonality, and supply/demand trends.
  • Gain greater insight from consumer product sales data to drive sales improvements

    Experience how Qlik can provide easy and powerful analysis of sales, budget, and margin data to help your organization create more efficient and successful sales operations.
  • Balance margin erosion and profitability to maximize the value of perishable goods sales

    This demo shows how Qlik enables retail organizations to optimize fresh food product sales using markdown percentage and sales performance factors to develop more profitable sales strategies.
  • Understand and take action on omni-channel sales trends

    Break down retail data silos to connect the dots between sales, returns, and customer behavior across all channels — retail store, e-commerce, call center, app, and catalogue — deepening customer intelligence to generate more sales.

Deepen satisfaction and loyalty by using data to deliver a great customer experience

With marketplace expectations soaring and competitors constantly innovating, delighting customers with a great experience is essential for sustaining sales growth. But where to focus your efforts? Qlik lets you bring all your customer data and feedback together with analytics that help you proactively manage and improve the customer experience. Better understand what customers want, identify and prioritize actions, and measure your progress.
  • Grow customer loyalty by making Net Promoter Score (NPS) data actionable

    NPS can be challenging to analyze in isolation since it offers limited diagnostic properties. See how Qlik can correlate NPS with other relevant KPIs to quickly surface opportunities to improve customer experience and loyalty.
  • Collaborate with data to optimize the full customer lifecycle

    See how Qlik can help bring departments across your organization together to develop data-driven strategies. Increase customer engagement and satisfaction at every stage of the customer lifecycle — from acquisition to retention — growing customer lifetime value.
  • Empower your customers with intuitive self-service analytics

    Enhancing your customer’s experience with useful data services is a smart strategy. Learn how financial services firm Citco is building deeper loyalty with self-service analytics embedded in its customer platform to help customers better manage their investments and save time.
  • Simplify your view of customer data to find new ways to deliver value

    Making customer experience data more accessible with intuitive analytics empowers people across your organization to better understand and serve customers throughout their journey. Drive sales and develop deeper, more profitable customer relationships.

Thousands of sales teams use Qlik to close more deals, forecast more accurately and operate with greater efficiency.

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