Reporting reimagined with automated workflows

Qlik Cloud® Reporting

Reporting reimagined with automated workflows

Expand your analytics reach quickly inside and outside the organization using automated, no-code report templates and options for your Qlik applications in Qlik Cloud. Save time, compose less. Share Qlik application insights to anyone in your ecosystem with common output formats.

Deliver Qlik application insights faster with powerful automated workflows for specific report creation and distribution, securely.

Share presentation ready report insights with internal and external stakeholders in everyday formats including PDF and PowerPoint.

Create, customize, and share reports with your team. Build community insight and action through self-service subscription and alerts.

We use Qlik scatterplots to show loan costs against interest rates. The reports are an efficient way to get information out to their large number of members month over month, as opposed to trying to get a dashboard in front of everybody.
Greg Oliven, CTO, Polygon Research
Qlik Cloud Reporting - Reimagine reporting in a no code environment

Reimagine reporting in a no code environment

Qlik Cloud reporting provides an automated, no-code environment enabling the flexibility, scale and speed for report distribution and multi-application report development using Qlik applications.

With automated, pre-built reporting connector blocks, Qlik Reporting Service utilizes flexible and dynamic task set-ups. This allows simple and easy report production and distribution in favorite formats – freeing up resources and reaching more with insights.

  • No code report development and distribution to anyone in the business ecosystem.
  • Single report development from multiple Qlik Sense applications, quickly, easily.
  • Advanced report development including multiple applications.
Qlik Cloud Reporting - Expand Analytics reach with presentation ready analytics

Expand Analytics reach with presentation ready analytics

With Qlik Cloud reporting you can combine objects, sheets or applications to create professional grade reports. Needing to enhance a quarterly report in PowerPoint format? Customize quickly using a styling panel to create presentation-ready analytics with branding and visual style. You can also add, remove and customize the PowerPoint output with annotations in time for the next discussion ensuring always up to date context and call-outs.

With Reporting Service in Qlik Cloud, report developers can quickly assemble, automate and accelerate the distribution of simple to complex report types including cycled and looped reports. Report developers can take advantage of a variety of pre-built report connector blocks to define required reports, ensure consistency and speed time to value. Reports can be distributed automatically to connected channels for internal and external shareholders that support file delivery including the following:

Amazon • S3 • FTP Dropbox • Google Cloud Storage • SMTP Mail • Sharepoint

  • Flexibility, time to value with pre-built report connector blocks with Qlik Application Automation.
  • Automated distribution with common file delivery channels.
  • Presentation-ready analytics with styling panel supporting branding and more visual style.
Qlik Cloud Reporting - Empower Community Knowledge

Empower Community Knowledge

Qlik Cloud reporting offers intuitive self-service possibilities to share insights further, faster and more simply. Self-service allows business users to subscribe, share, schedule and use alert-driven delivery to meet their reporting requirements. Users can explore data and analytics with reports, request reports on their filtered selections and download the output in a familiar format from one location. No IT support needed! With PowerPoint as an output option, users can quickly schedule their analytics delivery ahead of quarterly business reviews, download, customize with annotations and share back out to their team. To support immediate action, users can also subscribe to alerts requesting a PDF distribution based on certain data conditions being met.

  • Create, manage, distribute and share
  • Alert driven report distribution
  • High resolution quality and accuracy

Succeed with Qlik Cloud Reporting

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