Catalog & Lineage

Build trust and drive usage of your data and analytics

Our catalog and lineage capabilities help you fully understand the data flowing through your analytics data pipelines – from source to use. Confidently broaden access and usage of your analytics. Build trust in your data and insights. Accelerate migration to modern analytics in the cloud.

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Comprehensive Catalog

Bring together all your content for easy access

Onboard data and content from diverse sources into a single, easy-to-access collection. Powerful data onboarding lets you quickly simplify and scale the process of describing and understanding the contents of data sets, apps, automation workflows, business terminology and other assets.

Our integrated catalog of technical, operational, and business metadata empowers people to easily search and immediately use trusted, relevant data.

Screenshot demonstrating catalog and lineage capabilities

End-to-End Lineage

Build confidence in every dataset

Qlik automatically finds and documents any relationships between datasets and across multiple BI tools. This lineage provides visibility on the source and journey of each dataset.

Users can quickly understand the origin, evolution, and meaning of the data. Data engineers can better troubleshoot issues like potential duplications, maximizing data quality. And this builds trust in your data and analytics, increasing usage and confidence in the insights and actions that follow.

Screenshot demonstrating catalog and lineage capabilities

Powerful User Experience

Drive analytics usage. Easily find, use and share data.

When people are empowered with on-demand access to trusted analytics-ready data, they can answer more questions, make better decisions and take informed action faster than ever. With Qlik, users can easily find, preview and select the content they need with powerful search across all their datasets, apps, notes and other content. This content includes a business glossary to help ensure that everyone in the organization speaks the same language when referring to key business terms.

And with a single catalog, you can eliminate silos, ensure consistency, and foster collaboration and reuse to get far more value from your data.

Take advantage of multiple use cases

Our catalog and lineage capabilities offer powerful ways to enhance your analytics data pipeline.

  • Categorize terms logically by business context

    Eliminate confusion by ensuring that the same business terminology is used across the entire organization.

  • Validate data accuracy and consistency

    Verify each source to confirm it’s correctly transformed and placed in the specified location.

  • Increase analytic insights

    Accelerate discovery and insights with self-service access to business-ready data.

  • Streamline analytic migration initiatives

    Accelerate migration planning by quickly evaluating the location and lifecycle of data sources.

  • Evaluate data overlap across analytic tools

    Clearly view duplicative data usage across Qlik Sense, Tableau, and Power BI in your business.

  • Enable data governance

    A unified catalog provides the means to deliver well-governed data to your business.

  • Impact analysis

    Understand which databases, apps, files or links would be impacted if a field value was changed.

  • Catalog & share Qlik QVD Files

    Easily manage and enable discovery across hundreds or even thousands of QVD data files.

Qlik’s catalog and lineage offerings

  • Cloud Catalog

    Qlik Cloud® Catalog Service integrates powerful catalog and lineage capabilities to Qlik Cloud.

  • On-premise Catalog

    Build an enterprise-scale catalog of all the data your organization has available for analytics, no matter where it is.

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