Qlik AutoML™

No-code, automated machine learning for analytics teams

Powerful predictive analytics and explainable AI

Bring the power of machine learning to your analytics teams with a simple, code-free user experience. Easily create ML experiments, identifying key drivers in your data and training models. Make future predictions with full explainability data. And quickly publish the data or directly integrate models into Qlik Sense® dashboards for fully interactive analysis and what-if scenario planning.
Diagram showing how ML-ready datasets are used in the AutoML process

Auto-generate machine learning models

Qlik AutoML identifies key drivers in your historical data and generates machine learning models using the best algorithms. Simply select a target field in your data set and let Qlik AutoML do the work:

  • Score and rank multiple ML models and select the best performing model for your data set.
  • Determine feature importance to communicate key business drivers.
  • Let users easily tune and refine their model.
  • Deploy models to make predictions with full explainability data.
  • Publish predictive data and integrate models with Qlik Sense for exploration and what-if analysis.

Make predictions to understand potential outcomes

With your model established, AutoML lets you make predictions on current data sets. Just load the data to automatically generate likely outcomes based on your model.

And get critical prediction-influencer data to explain them at the record-level, so you know how to influence the predicted outcomes.

Explore predictive data and test what-if scenarios.

Plan for decisions and actions by exploring predictive data and testing “what-if” scenarios in Qlik Sense. Easily publish predictive data and explore it with the full power of our associative engine. And with advanced analytics integration, you get real-time, instant calculations from AutoML. Quickly shift parameters in what-if scenarios to test possible actions and easily evaluate the results, letting you get a feel for what steps lead to the best outcome before making a decision.

Explore common AutoML use cases

  • Sales

    • Sales Pipeline – Win / Loss Forecasting
    • Customer Churn / Retention
    • Customer Prospecting / Targeting
  • Marketing

    • Demand / Revenue Forecasting
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Customer Next Best Offer
  • Finance

    • Capital Investment Optimization
    • Expense Management
    • Risk Management / Reduction
  • Operations

    • Workforce Demand Prediction
    • Capacity Allocation
    • Appointment Cancellations
  • HR

    • Employee Retention / Attrition Prediction
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Recruiting / Candidate Profiling
  • IT

    • Software / Licensing Usage
    • Infrastructure Performance Prediction
  • Supply Chain

    • Inventory Stock-Outs Prediction
    • Supply Chain Performance / Bottlenecks
    • Transportation Optimization
  • Service & Support

    • Support Case Prediction
    • Predictive Maintenance

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