Calibrate for Crisis

Top 10 BI & Data Trends 2023

Get your insider view into the top 10 trends for the BI and data landscape- so you’re prepared to act in the year ahead.

Today’s geopolitical, social, and economic concerns are directly influencing the technology requirements of tomorrow. Trusted, analytics-ready data – and decisions – at the speed of business will be more important than ever before. Explore the top 10 BI & data trends that will help you to have the biggest impact in 2023.

By 2025 more than 50% of enterprise-critical data will be created and processed outside the data center or cloud.1

The biggest BI and data trends for 2023 center on two key approaches:

  • Calibrate the


    Hone your decision accuracy at speed and scale to better react and “pre-act” to unexpected events.              

  • Calibrate the


    Achieve connected governance by accessing, combining, and overseeing distributed data sets to handle a fragmented world.

Which 10 trends will give you the power to anticipate, pivot, and navigate through crisis?

  • "X fabric" will hold connected governance together – with application fabric, BI fabric, and algorithm fabric, to name a few. “X fabric” connects data governance – with application fabric, BI fabric, and algorithm fabric.

Hear directly from industry thought leader Dan Sommer.

Dan is Qlik’s leader of Global Market Intelligence. With more than two decades of experience in the IT industry, Dan is a frequent speaker, blogger, and columnist on the topic of BI, analytics, and data integration. He is passionate about data literacy, supporting data-driven cultures, and tracking trends in the industry. This is Dan’s sixth year authoring Qlik’s ever-popular annual BI & Data Trends eBook. Prior to joining Qlik, Dan was Research Director of BI and Analytics at Gartner.

1 Goasduff, Laurence, “12 Data and Analytics Trends to Keep on Your Radar,” Gartner, April 5, 2022