Machine Learning and AI Solutions

Truly, AI for Everyone

We're not picky. We built Kraken to simplify the adoption of machine learning and AI for Everyone. Kraken answers business questions, period. No matter your role, and no matter your industry, Kraken gives you the power to make smarter decisions, faster.

Machine Learning Solutions by Industry


Where data-driven optimizations began, machine learning solutions are ripe up and down the conversion funnel. ToFU, MoFU, BoFU–ML gets you answers where you need them most.



In insurance, your job is to support people when they need you most. ML helps you make smarter decisions, faster, to ensure your customers get the support they need from you.


Manufacturing is rich with processes, and processes can always be optimized. ML helps manufacturing companies run like a well-oiled machine.


Product, Price and Placement … right? ML helps retailers nurture customers, maximize sales, and optimize costs.


Financial service providers are in the business of trust. ML ensures the right decisions are made at the right time to maximize trust.


Healthcare is full of moving parts: cases coming in, patients being discharged, complicated billing processes, whew! ML simplifies and optimizes complexities in healthcare.


Your goal is to maximize students’ potential. ML shows you who needs what kind of help to ensure your students can perform their best, from admissions to 1:1 coaching.

Professional Services

Data + Analytics is one of the hottest industries on the planet. Your practice is growing, but your clients are asking harder questions: What will happen, and what should I do? ML can help.

Machine Learning Solutions by Role

Data Analysts and BI Developers’s machine learning platform allows analysts to find the real value in BI data, operationalize it, and make quick decisions more accurately. We put the power of machine learning, AI and data science in the hands of BI Developers and Data Analysts.

Data Engineers

Kraken integrates with all your data platforms, which allows data engineers to easily pull data, create predictions and push that enriched data back to your data platform of choice to operationalize the insight. This saves time, maximizes forecasting efforts, quickly scales the data engineer’s workload, and increases collaboration across the business.

Data Scientists

Leveraging’s Kraken platform, the data scientist automates labor-intensive processes, takes care of the data pipelining, model processing, hosting and deployment, and increases collaboration allowing you to delegate workload, validate outcomes quickly, and manage more data science projects in unison.

Modern Business Leaders

Companies are investing in business intelligence platforms and using data to better understand business behavior in real-time. However, to truly understand where your business is going you have to move from reactive to proactive with machine learning and predictive analytics.

Machine Learning with your Existing Analytics Stack

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