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Multiply Your Impact And Your Vision With Kraken

We’re here to scale your workload so you execute on more concurrent ML projects and make a bigger impact with data science. Bye-bye, bottlenecks. 

With Kraken, you get self-service, automated machine learning in easy-to-understand language that you can deploy across your entire organization—wherever you need it—so everyone in your business can make better decisions, faster. 

When you use Kraken for ML, there’s no black box in sight:

  • Full transparency on model metrics
  • Full transparency on pre-processing steps
  • Full-feature explainability using Shapley Values provides better diagnostics and sharper prescriptive solutions to the business

You trained hard to become a data scientist, and you’re a coveted asset in a world where demand for someone with your credentials far outweighs the supply. So, why are you spending your days stuck on the minutia instead of truly utilizing your skills? If you’re like most data scientists right now, your team may not be equipped to deal with many of the tasks that inevitably get handed back to you—and it bottlenecks the whole process because, hey, you’re only one person, and you can only do so much. 

Sound familiar? 

Well, today’s the day you take back your time. With Kraken, you can scale data science projects to the analytics teams so you can focus on the more complex problems that really need your focus and skillset.

We make it easy. 

We host the ML pipeline and the machine learning model, and we make it easy to deploy your model to production through cloud integrations and our prediction API.

And fast. 

With Automatic Hyperparameter Optimization, we’ll explore hundreds of models for you and find the best fit hyperparameters (so you don’t have to.) Imagine what else we can strike off your to-do list.

Customer Shoutouts

Built a model within a couple of hours, not days or months. Interface was easy enough for me to navigate on the first day without any formal training.

George B. 
George B.

I love the ease of use that Kraken makes getting started with Machine Learning.


Non-Data Scientists Implemented Kraken Across Org!


Kraken has already proven that the prediction outputs allow the front line teams to target their interventions and make a very noticeable impact on appointment attendance.


Honestly, the people at Big Squid make all the difference. Coming from the lens of higher education, we aren’t your typical client. The people at Big Squid have helped to bridge the gap so we can use this technology to make real everyday data-driven decisions that deliver IMPACT for our students and our operations.


90% of Kraken users build and deploy their own machine learning model within 30 days of signup.

Same day access, no credit card required