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In retail, your job is to be in the right place at the right time with the right product and price so your customers can find you right when they need you most. But right can be hard to figure out. That’s where machine learning comes in. 

Machine learning helps you align with your customers more effectively and even tells you which actions will have the most impact on your goals—before you start spending your time and resources. Whether that’s product placement or pricing insights, machine learning can help.

Introduction to Machine learning

Learn what it takes to design a

dataset for machine learning

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Machine Learning for data experts White paper

learn how data analyists and data engineers are using machine learning to enhance their analytics solutions and their careers

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Get Answers That Give You An Edge

With Kraken, you get self-service, automated machine learning that you can deploy across your retail business so everyone can make smarter decisions, faster.

You can transform your retail business by answering questions like:

  • Which of our products is a customer most likely to purchase next?
  • How likely is a customer to churn in the next 30 days, and how can we keep their business?
  • How can we best determine a customer’s propensity to buy?
  • Who is most likely to make a repeat purchase in the next few months?
  • What is this months sales forecast?

That way, you can be there to nurture your customers and move towards a sale, when and where they’re ready.


Customer Shoutouts

Kraken provides an intuitive user interface and the learning curve is as flat as any product I have used. In a matter of a few weeks, we were able to deliver prediction results and provide meaningful data to front line staff.


The platform is intuitive and Big Squid’s support is second to none. We had Kraken delivering game-changing insights after about a day of work from our BI analysts without a background in ML. The speed to stand up a new pipeline from data-to-predictions is incredibly fast, and it’s allowed us to learn, iterate, and deploy quicker than I’d previously thought possible.


Great Product and a Great Team


Hands down a one of a kind tool and staff, if you have not considered trying Kraken for your company or team, make the commitment. Kraken will not disappoint you!!


The ease of using Big Squids model with multiple software integrations so our business isn’t tied to only one solution as been extremely helpful.


90% of Kraken users build and deploy their own machine learning model within 30 days of signup.

Same day access, no credit card required