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In manufacturing, it’s your job to reliably provide products that meet the needs of customers you serve. This means ensuring your products and the equipment you use to make them are up-to-date and functional. That’s where machine learning comes in. ML helps you predict the future you work so hard to create by offering inventory forecasting, maintenance predictions, market assessments, and rapid prototyping. 

Machine learning helps you keep your manufacturing business running like a well-oiled machine and even tells you which actions will have the most impact on your goals—before you start spending your time and resources.

Kraken at Skullcandy

To maintain the quality product their customers have come to love and expect, Skullcandy strives to be innovative in both product design and manufacturing. Their commitment to continue producing unique, high-quality headphones led Skullcandy’s Jesse Mease, Warranty Return Data Specialist, and Mark Hopkins, CIO, on a two-year project to better understand how their products fail and how they can reduce returns and keep their products affordable. Essentially, they wanted the ability to fix problems proactively by using historical data to predict the failure rates for new products within the first 90 days, and which specific part or function would fail.

Introduction to Machine learning

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With Kraken, you get self-service, automated machine learning in easy-to-understand language that you can deploy across your entire organization—wherever you need it—so everyone in your business can make better decisions, faster.

You can transform your manufacturing business by answering questions like:

  • Which parts are most prone to failure in your products or manufacturing machinery, and in what timeframe should you provide maintenance?
  • How much of a particular sku will your business need during peak season?
  • Will a particular sku stock-out in the next 30 days?
  • What is the expected warranty claims cost for a particular product?
  • Of the employees we have, who is most likely to churn in a specific time frame? How can we reduce that churn most efficiently?


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