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Ready to take your machine learning to the next level? Kraken puts the power of your entire organization into an ML solution that is robust, yet so simple that users in every corner of your business can get involved.

Your talent pool might be filled with data scientist gurus, but that doesn’t matter if they’re bogged down with routine tasks instead of the meaningful tasks utilizing the skill sets that got them hired in the first place. 

Paradigm shift

  • Scale data science across the enterprise by empowering analytics teams to build and deploy their own machine learning models. 
  • Level up analytics rock stars to citizen data scientists. 
  • Enable existing data scientists to operate as SMEs / Center of Excellence to support more projects concurrently with the Analytics teams
  • Promote your data-driven culture by empowering business users with the ability to plan what-if scenarios, better understand predicted outcomes, and prescribe actions to front line employees.

AutoML Is not enough

what we need is a paradigm shift. download the guide to the modern data science success plan

Machine Learning for Modern Business Leaders

learn how Data driven business leaders are using machine learning to make smarter decisions, faster

Use What You Already Have With Kraken

We are simplifying the adoption of AI and ML for companies who are approaching data science and machine learning for the first time.

Ways Kraken significantly lowers the cost and barrier to entry to start using machine learning:

  • We host the ML pipeline and the machine learning model.
  • Easy to deploy your model to production through cloud integrations and our prediction API.
  • Integrate directly with your existing analytics infrastructure.
  • Build predictive analytics quickly and easily with your existing team–no in-house data scientist necessary.
  •  Step-by-step onboarding and monthly check-ins with expert Data Science Engineers.
  • Easy to share the “whys” of your results with full-feature explainability using Shapley Values to provide better diagnostics and sharper prescriptive solutions.

Customer Shoutouts

One of the best Data Analytics and ML Tool in the Market


The platform is intuitive and Big Squid’s support is second to none. We had Kraken delivering game-changing insights after about a day of work from our BI analysts without a background in ML. The speed to stand up a new pipeline from data-to-predictions is incredibly fast, and it’s allowed us to learn, iterate, and deploy quicker than I’d previously thought possible.


Kraken is an easy to use machine learning and artificial intelligence platform. It lets you build a data model within few clicks, saving a lot time which otherwise would’ve been spend in coding.


Non-Data Scientists Implemented Kraken Across Org!


Through Kraken’s user-friendly interface we were able to achieve or business goals and create Unprecedented business models with our data.


90% of Kraken users build and deploy their own machine learning model within 30 days of signup.

Same day access, no credit card required