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As a data engineer, you’re always on the lookout for efficiency strategies to save time and maximize the results of your efforts. When questions and demands are mounting and data streams keep growing and growing, it can be tough for data teams to keep up. After all, they expect you to turn raw data into actionable insights like you’re some kind of alchemist.

Kraken = the philosopher’s stone of data science that uses machine learning to transform your raw inputs into predictions of pure gold with no coding required.

In fact, you can explore your data to find correlations and insights in mere seconds. Neat, huh?

Introduction to Machine learning

Learn what it takes to design a

dataset for machine learning

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Machine Learning for data experts White paper

learn how data analyists and data engineers are using machine learning to enhance their analytics solutions and their careers

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Unleash Your Productivity with Kraken

With Kraken, you get self-service, automated machine learning in easy-to-understand language that you can deploy across your entire organization—wherever you need it—so everyone in your business can make better decisions, faster.

When you use Kraken for ML in your organization, you’ll benefit from:

  • True diagnostics and prescriptive insights to the business.
  • Easy integrations with all your data platforms.
  • Simple, speedy operationalization because Kraken automatically publishes. your predictions to your BI platform of choice.
  • Prediction integration with your datasets.
  • Row-level explainability for every prediction Kraken makes.
  • Productive collaboration with members across your entire organization.


Customer Shoutouts

The ease of using Kraken is next level, but when we saw the results and helpfulness of the support team we were completely blown away! Not only is Kraken one of, if not the, best tool in the ML space, but the support team dedicated to our companies success was and is always happy to help and so knowledgeable on not only their own tool but also on the details behind the Machine Learning outputs and definitions.


One of the best Data Analytics and ML Tool in the Market


The platform is intuitive and Big Squid’s support is second to none. We had Kraken delivering game-changing insights after about a day of work from our BI analysts without a background in ML. The speed to stand up a new pipeline from data-to-predictions is incredibly fast, and it’s allowed us to learn, iterate, and deploy quicker than I’d previously thought possible.


Kraken has helped us better focus our sales teams where the business truly is based on accurate and powerful machine learning predictions, keeping us ahead of the market and on the forefront of innovation.


Non-Data Scientists Implemented Kraken Across Org!


90% of Kraken users build and deploy their own machine learning model within 30 days of signup.

Same day access, no credit card required