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Data Connectors in Kraken allow you to connect to your favorite data warehouse, business intelligence tools, and cloud storage – including AWS S3, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Qlik, Tableau, Looker, and Domo.


Quickly answer questions like: Do I have data quality issues? What are the relationships in my data? Which metrics truly drive my business?


Kraken automates many of the tasks that typically require a robust knowledge of Data Science and the coding skills to apply that knowledge. You know your data. You know your business. We find the insights.


Take the guess work out of strategy planning. Know the likely outcome from taking different actions.  Create a data-driven action plan. Plan for likely unknowns. With Scenario builder you can create multiple strategies, with the flexibility to evolve as your business does.

Reinvigorate existing, stale BI reporting with deeper insights and predictions on your data. Enable decision-makers with AI-enabled decisions in real-time. Outperform predicted outcomes by monitoring the results of an AI-driven action plan.

Kraken Makes it Easy to Apply Machine Learning to your Business

We turn data pros into citizen data scientists in 30 Days. Yes, seriously…

Kraken Explore

Data is meant to be explored. Kraken includes a powerful exploratory data analysis tool built right into the platform. With the click of a button you can plot, color, sort, and better understand your data as you build and iterate your predictive models.

kraken Pipeline

Build the pipelines you need. Custom Pipelines in Kraken make it easy to clean and prep your data without going back-and-forth to your data prep tools. Filter and rename columns, change data types, find and replace values, replace nulls, group + bin data, split columns, and more.

kraken automl

Automation where it’s needed. The Kraken no-code automated machine learning (AutoML) platform simplifies and automates data science tasks like data prep + cleaning, algorithm selection, model training + tuning, and
model deployment so you can focus on the work that matters most.

Scenario Builder

What would happen if..? Scenarios in Kraken makes it simple to begin the journey into prescriptive analytics and asking “what if?” Just drag and drop certain values in your dataset to see how the model’s predictions would be expected to change.

Deployable AI

Set it and forget it. Statistics show that 87% of models never “leave the lab.” Schedule batch syncs with your data sources or turn on a hosted API endpoint for any model. Deploy one or both depending on how you plan to consume your model’s outputs.

Explainable AI

Full feature explainability. Predictive Influencers in Kraken use Shapley values for every feature in your model to provide row-level explainability of how the model made its prediction, making it simple to interpret, explain, and share your model results with stakeholders.

I love the ease of use that Kraken makes getting started with Machine Learning.


Built a model within a couple of hours, not days or months. Interface was easy enough for me to navigate on the first day without any formal training.

George B. 
George B.

Hands down a one of a kind tool and staff, if you have not considered trying Kraken for your company or team, make the commitment. Kraken will not disappoint you!!


One of the best Data Analytics and ML Tool in the Market


The ease of using Big Squids model with multiple software integrations so our business isn’t tied to only one solution as been extremely helpful.


90% of Kraken users build and deploy their own machine learning model within 30 days of signup.

Instant access, no credit card required