Decision Planning

Prototype Your Future

Remove the guess work. Confirm your gut. Know the decision you make will have the impact you intend.

Imagine you have a workbench where you can design the future of your business.

In front of you is an array of tools and parts. Pieces of marketing strategies. Customer review information. Targeted consumer data. A bucket of info about past purchases. 

Beside that, a blueprint with a few missing pieces. At the top, it’s clearly labeled “Business Success”.

But how do you put it together? After all, no one has ever designed a business quite like yours before. You’ve come a long way with your building efforts, but somehow it seems like something’s missing—it could be better.

Kraken’s decision planning tool, Scenario Builder, helps you fill in the missing pieces in the blueprint of your business success, without ever having to dismantle your progress so far. Scenario Builder lets you see what’s most likely to work for you before you take action.

Reverse Engineering Your Success

What-if decision planning with Kraken lets you test your ideas before you spend your resources completing them. With Scenario Builder, you can make better decisions faster and with less overhead. It helps you play out your future as well as compare scenarios side-by-side so you can take your best actions with confidence.

It will help you figure out what’s working in your business and how you can make it work harder for you. It can also help you understand what isn’t or won’t work well, so you can use your energy elsewhere. 

Beyond that, Kraken’s Scenario Builder gives you insight into which gears are big and which gears are small—what’s driving success faster? What drives big success in the long term? That way, you can prioritize your actions, setting in motion a Rube-Goldberg of wins that just won’t quit. 

Plus, we use explainable AI, so it’s easy to tinker around, and automated machine learning which does the heavy lifting for you.

90% of Kraken users build and deploy their own machine learning model within 30 days of signup.

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