Our mission is to simplify the adoption of machine learning and AI

for business analytics

Our Story

BigSquid AI is shifting the culture of business intelligence and analytics with the world’s first machine learning platform built for analytics teams.

With a deep heritage of practical data and analytics application, our story began in 2015 as a data analytics consulting firm. After hundreds of analytics projects delivered, a recurring theme emerged within our customer base. We wanted to know what was going to happen in our businesses–and what we could do about it. Traditional business intelligence can’t answer those questions, so we took to software to solve that problem.

Today BigSquid AI offers the world’s easiest to use machine learning platform focused on a mantra that drives adoption from data professionals worldwide: Fast. Easy. Integrated. Through that mantra, analytics teams are adopting machine learning faster than ever before.

Leadership Team

Nick Magnuson

Chief Executive Officer 

Chris Wintermeyer

Head of Product

Brian Olesen

Vice President of Operations

Aaron Madsen

Director of Engineering

Brian Shindurling

Vice President of Growth

Kyle Jourdan

Director of Machine Learning Solutions

Our Investors

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