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No-Code Automated Machine Learning for Business Analytics

Build and deploy machine learning models within your existing analytics stack without writing code.

Instant product access, no credit card required

AI for Everyone. No Code Required.

We built Kraken to simplify the adoption of machine learning and AI by designing an experience for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists and business users to collaborate on more impactful business intelligence.


Kraken explorer

In just seconds, connect and perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) to understand your dataset and begin building machine learning models.

kraken ml pipeline

With Pipeline, you can quickly implement your EDA findings, conduct light data transformations, and start building machine learning models faster.

kraken automl

Kraken hosts and automates the machine learning pipeline making its AutoML processes incredibly fast, and accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection

Scenario builder

Kraken offers a Scenario Builder to give you the “what-if” workbench you need to design action plans and improve business outcomes.

deployable ai

Publish and automate predictions directly to your data environment, export predictions to an excel file, or deploy your model to an API endpoint for real-time predictions in just a couple of clicks.

explainable ai

Kraken aims to make AI as explainable as possible by providing Drivers, model metrics, and Prediction Influencers to surface actionable insights. There’s no ‘black box’ here.

Kraken is a leader in Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms on G2
Kraken is a leader in Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms on G2
Kraken is a leader in Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms on G2
Kraken is a leader in Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms on G2
Kraken is a leader in Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms on G2
Users love Kraken on G2

Data Analysts and Engineers

We’ve made data science approachable for data rock stars who haven’t been classically trained in data science. Kraken makes it easy to get started in data science, and our SONAR© Onboarding ensures you’ll build your first machine learning model within 30 days. Don’t be afraid. Be inspired. Learn more!

Machine Learning for Data Experts

learn how data analyists and data engineers are using machine learning to enhance their analytics solutions

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of Customers Build a Model in 30 Days

Data Scientists

Kraken automates labor-intensive processes, takes care of the data pipelining, data pre-processing, model building and exploration, hosting and deployment, and increases collaboration allowing you to delegate workload, validate outcomes quickly, and manage more data science projects in unison. You can finally be a Data Science Super Hero. Learn more!

AutoML is Not enough White paper

The data science workflow is fundamentally flawed. What we need is a paradigm shift.

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Avg. Models in Production per Customer

Data-Driven Executives and Business Users

Kraken gains insight into what KPI’s are actually driving business outcomes and enables leaders and operators take action on future business growth. Finding the real value in your data with the use of machine learning and predictive analytics enables businesses to operationalize that data, maximize ROI and push insights and action to the front lines of the business.

Machine Learning for Modern Business Leaders White paper

learn how data-driven executives and decision makers are using machine learning to improve business outcomes

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Customer Shoutouts

We’ve worked tirelessly to develop a no-code automated machine learning platform that is easy to use and easy to uncover hidden insights in your data. We asked our customers how we’re doing…

One of the best Data Analytics and ML Tool in the Market


The entire experience has been great and meeting our expectations. Very qualified team of individuals helping with the onboarding.


The ease of using Big Squids model with multiple software integrations so our business isn’t tied to only one solution as been extremely helpful.


Amazing Tool and Support Team!!


If you want to implement machine learning at your organization, but don’t have the time or expertise to learn to code, Kraken is a great way to realize the benefits of predictive modeling even without a team of data scientists.